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Celebrating 50 years of legislated protection for Alberta’s animals

Animal Protection Act of Alberta turns 50

Since it brought in the first version of the Animal Protection Act in 1967, the provincial government has entrusted the Alberta SPCA with protecting Alberta’s animals from situations of neglect or abuse.

In 2016, the Alberta SPCA dispatched 2,201 investigations. Horses are typically the most common livestock species seen, being involved in 29 percent of cases last year. Cattle were investigated on 10 percent of cases and other farm animals on 13 percent. The remaining cases involved dogs, cats or other companion animals.

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Dog owners warned to watch for signs of canine parvovirus among recently purchased dogs

Staying up-to-date with your dog’s vaccinations against canine parvovirus, distemper, rabies and other diseases is essential to keeping your dog healthy. A failure to follow the recommended vaccination schedules puts your animal at risk of contracting debilitating and possibly deadly illnesses.

The Alberta SPCA is advising anyone who has recently bought a dog to be especially vigilant for signs of canine parvovirus (commonly called “parvo”) at this time.

Puppies and young dogs with an unknown or unverified medical history are of particular concern.

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