News Release

December 14, 2016

Cold snap prompts new weekly record for animal welfare calls to Alberta SPCA

The Alberta SPCA received a record number of reports of animals in distress for the week of December 5 to 11, 2016. The recent cold snap in Alberta contributed to this new weekly record.

The record set last week was 87 calls, which is more than double this year’s average of 41 calls a week to the Alberta SPCA’s Animal Protection Services. The previous weekly record of 66 calls was set earlier this year in July.

Callers identified the cold weather as the reason for their calls in 35 of last week’s cases. A large majority of these calls (25) were about dogs, but six were about horses, two about cattle, and one each about a cat and a pig. The reported concerns were for animals being left out in the cold for too long or not having adequate shelter from the cold and wind.

In almost all cases where the animal welfare concern was confirmed, the owner quickly corrected the situation after receiving instructions from the peace officer. Fortunately, the Alberta SPCA had to take only one dog into protective custody last week. It was outside with inadequate shelter and its owner couldn’t be located soon enough.

The Alberta SPCA relies on calls from the public to alert it to situations where animals may be in distress. The record number of calls received last week is a positive sign that Albertans care about the welfare of animals and know whom to call if they see something that concerns them. Call 1-800-455-9003 to report suspected animal neglect or abuse outside Edmonton and Calgary.

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