Process to Reclaim Seized Animals

During the course of their investigations, Alberta SPCA peace officers sometimes need to take animals into protective custody. When they do so, the officers will post a notice at the former location of the animals stating the reason for the seizure.

Pursuant to section 7 of the Act, the ASPCA will be entitled to transfer ownership of these animals to new owners, unless you take all of the following steps within 10 days of the date of seizure shown on the attached Notice of Seizure:

  1. Provide written notice to the Alberta SPCA, in the form of email, fax or written letter, of your intention to reclaim the seized animal(s)
  2. Prove your legal ownership of each of the animals listed in the attached Notice of Seizure that you claim to own
  3. Provide payment to the Alberta SPCA of all expenses claimed by the Alberta SPCA for seizure, transportation, assessment, care and board of the animal(s) up to the date of reclaiming of the animal(s).

However, even if you comply with above steps, but you have been charged with an offence under the Act, the ASPCA may choose to not release some or all of the seized animal(s) to you while the ASPCA seeks a custody order under Section 13 of the Act to protect the animal(s) pending your trial for the offence. No transfer of ownership of the animal(s) under a custody order will be made until your trial is over.

If you do not comply with the above steps within the 10 day time limit, any ownership interest you may have in the animals will be ended, and no payment for any value of the animal(s) will be made to you if the costs of seizure, transportation, assessment, care, board and sale exceed the proceeds of any sale of the animal(s), or if there are no proceeds from sale or other transfer of ownership of the animal(s).