Lost & Found Animals

If you discover your pet missing, immediately search the neighbourhood. You should also contact your municipal or county animal service or bylaw department, and visit the pound in person at least every two days. You should also contact the veterinarians in your area, and, if possible, leave a poster with your animal’s photo and your telephone number.

In Edmonton, call Edmonton Animal Services at 780-496-8860 or check the City of Edmonton’s Lost Pets page for a list of things you should do and pictures of recovered pets.

In Calgary, call Calgary Animal Services at 403-268-1160 or check their Impounded Cats and Dogs page for information.

In Red Deer, call Alberta Animal Services at 403-347-2388 or visit their Lost or Found Pets page.

Anywhere else, call your town or county hall and ask for the animal services or bylaw department.

You may also want to post a notice on the Internet. Two online services that include Canada are PetLynx and Petfinder.